Security Camera

Fully functioning video surveillance system allows to monitor your home and keep an eye on your childs and pets while you're gone. The camera is ready to work with Webcam Cloud straight out of the box. Zero-configuration: Just plug the cameras into any broadband Internet connection.

Unlike other devices, our Home Security Camera is active. Home Security Camera detects an event, records the event, and send you an alert. For instance, if a surveillance camera sends a constant feed to a monitor that is continually viewed by a security guard, it is essentially functioning as a security camera because simply by viewing the feed from the camera the guard would be alerted to anything unexpected happening within its field of view.

Artificial intelligence features allow detect motions and send alerts at specific event. This is useful when you want to be notified when your kids get home from school or just want to monitor your home when you're away.

The built-in software using innovative technologies based on neural networks that are being trained on mass data.

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