computer vision use cases
What are the applications of computer vision? Why do we need computer vision?

Computer vision, or the ability of artificially intelligent systems to “see” like humans, has been a subject of increasing interest and rigorous research now. As a way of emulating the human visual system, the research in the field of computer vision purports to develop machines that can automate tasks that require visual cognition. However, the process of deciphering images, due to the significantly greater amount of multi-dimensional data that needs analysis, is much more complex than understanding other forms of binary information. This makes developing AI systems that can recognize visual data more complicated.

Some of the most interesting computer vision use cases are in the following industries: Retail and security. Automotive. Healthcare. Agriculture. Banking. Industrial.36528363 Computer vision: In-depth guide 2020 - Applied AIdiv UPmit 8250, computer-vision/adiv class=x54gtfApplications. Face recognition is the most common use of machine vision and computer vision systems. Even the social media and entertainment apps like 
There are many computer vision uses cases of image processing in agriculture from fruits and vegetables category grading using the information