Reuse your old smartphone as an IP camera
Version 1.04 for Android

Free Security Camera

Make your old phone as Home Security Camera

Free Security Camera turns an old Android phone into a powerful wireless home security camera for Free!

If you have any old phones collecting dust somewhere, don't sell them for a very low price. If they still turn on, you can upcycle smartphone into a baby monitor or home security camera.

Install Free Security Camera to use an old android phone that you are not using it, as a CCTV IP Camera.

Free Security Camera
Home Security Camera

Fully functioning video surveillance system allows to monitor your home and keep an eye on your childs and pets while you're gone.

Home Security Camera software detects an event, records the event, and send you an alert.

Artificial intelligence features allow detect motions and send alerts at specific event. This is useful when you want to be notified when your kids get home from school or just want to monitor your home when you're away.

Software makes remote video surveillance as easy as possible using p2p connections.
It's cost-efficient, timesaving and high performance.

  • Best performance
  • Best-In-Class Usability
  • Low-latency

You can log into the system without white IP addresses in order to remotely configure detection and see the image from CCTV cameras.

The built-in software using innovative technologies based on neural networks that are being trained on mass data.

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Home Security Camera

Motion-Sensitive IP Cameras Capture Only What is Important
Free Security Camera
Free Security Camera - Use your old phone as a surveillance IP camera
Home Security Camera
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